My story

Start your journey here to achieving the best skin you’ve ever had.

At Skin Vitality, Lesley, with her 20 years of experience in the industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Her journey began at one of the UK’s top spas, and she later owned a successful salon.

  Now, still following her passion, she has opened a clinic in Highgate, North London, where she focuses on helping clients achieve glowing, healthy skin,
natural lash extensions and waxing.

About me

Lesley takes a 360-degree approach to skincare, considering various factors that can affect the skin’;s health and appearance. She combines cutting-edge technology with a comfortable, heated treatment bed and delightful aromas to create a relaxing environment for her clients. With her warm and professional manner, Lesley ensures that her clients not only receive effective skin treatments but also enjoy the experience.

About Lesley

Whether you have specific skin concerns or simply desire a hydrated, youthful glow, natural lashes that look like your own but much, much better or the quickest, pain free wax, booking a treatment with Lesley is a great option. Lesley’s expertise and personalised approach will help you achieve your beauty goals effectively and safely.

Lesley is fully qualified, insured and uses premium products and CE marked equipment.